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Steve Harvey Breaks the internet as he announces the WRONG winner of Miss Universe 2015

Television personality Steve Harvey hosts the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant at The Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on December 20, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.Steve Harvey mistakenly crowns the wrong Miss Universe.

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was announced the winner of the Miss Universe pageant.

But then the host Steve Harvey said he’d made a terrible mistake.

“Okay, folks,” he said. “I have to apologize.”

Miss Colombia was the first runner-up, he said, holding up the card that contained the official results.

The real winner was Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, who looked astonished by the sudden turn of events.

The almost unbelievable ending to the pageant was televised live in many countries, including on the Fox network in the United States on Sunday night.

Wurtzbach covered her mouth in shock when Harvey announced the correction. Then she walked out to the front of the stage and waited for Gutierrez to hand over the crown.

Harvey stood to the side, visibly embarrassed, while the crowd cheered.

He called it a “horrible mistake.”

And many others agreed; social networking sites lit up with instant reaction. ESPN’s Darren Rovell called it “the worst mistake in TV awards show history.”

Harvey did apologize almost immediately with this tweet


however it did not help that number one he spelt Philippines wrong in his tweet nor that of course the fauz pa ruined the moment for the 2 girls.

I was however happy to see Earvin Magic Johnson come to his defense as he tweeted, “we’ve all made mistakes in our careers & lives.” He encouraged Harvey to “keep the faith and keep going strong!”

But others made plenty of jokes at Harvey’s expense, and sadly sparked a bit of a race war as angry colombians began tweeting the N word.

The screw up happened at an important moment of transition for Miss Universe. The pageant was owned by Donald Trump and NBCUniversal until earlier this year. When the business partners split up in the midst of a Trump campaign controversy, the giant talent agency WME/IMG took control of the pageant.

If nothing else, the mistake provided the pageant with a sudden jolt of attention.

Vulture’s Joe Adalian, a veteran television industry reporter, said it “wouldn’t shock me” if the crown switcheroo was actually a planned stunt. “Everybody wins here,” he said.

Trump, through his Twitter account, had been touting the pageant’s new owners earlier in the evening.

After the error, he retweeted a fan who asked, “Where’s @realDonaldTrump when you need em?”

Of course the Meme massive were not far away I saw this meme likening the event to a “Kanye West” type decrowning via Instagram minutes after the mistake was revealed




Haben Girma defied the odds – Death and Blind but graduated from Harvard

Inspirational women of the week

Haben Girma was born deaf and blind (as well as black) but Girma is a Harvard Law School graduate and her academic achievements have catapulted her advocacy career, fighting for the rights of people with disabilities

Haben Girma, who is of Eritrean decent is the first deaf/blind graduate at Harvard Law School’s story is a true inspiration.

Girma’s story is extraordinary it not only highlights her courage and determination despite physical challenges she is living proof that disability is certainly no barrier to achieving academic excellence.

Girma who is an attorney  “advocates for the civil rights of persons with disabilities. A celebrated speaker, she provided the introductory remarks for the 25th Anniversary of the ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] at the White House”.

The 27 year-old has achieved a lot despite her disability, “For my grandmother back in Africa, my success in law school seemed like magic,” she says

Girma appreciates the opportunities she has been offered but this should not by ant means down play “the hard won power of the ADA.”

Her academic achievements, a “J.D. in 2013 from Harvard, and her B.A., magna cum laude, in 2010 from Lewis & Clark College” have indeed catapulted her advocacy career which have seen her fighting for the rights of people with disabilities.

Watch her TEDxBaltimore Talk:


Source: Haben Girma/ Harvard Law Today

Miss Universe contestants show off their no-makeup selfies

Women from 80 countries around the world will compete in the Miss Universe pageant on December 20. But before the makeup and sparkles, the contestants were posting without makeup under the hashtag #ConfidentlyBeautiful

Whilst i am all for getting glammed up and feeling beautiful l believe it is important to be able to wear nothing but your own face on occasion and more importantly to feel great doing so

My best smoothie recipe to date

So today I was craving a smoothie. I am so bored of the usual recipes so I added some dragon fruit and avocado to my papaya smoothie and it was so yum


One orange

One dragon fruit (with seeds)

One papaya (with seeds)

One avocado

One ripe banana 

3 juicy strawberries 

I filled my nutribullet up one quarter water with 4 ice cubes and blitzed.

The fruits are so sweet that no extra sugar is needed.

This smoothie would be especially good for those experiencing digestive problems as Papaya, Dragon fruit and passion fruit all have great digestive aid properties.

I am still currently in the weight watchers programme so the avocado will have to be pointed.

This smoothie is 5 weight watchers smart points 


Female Marines in uniform can finally wear locks, braids and twists in their hair

mirco braind

Female Marines will be the first members of the U.S. military permitted to wear locks in their hair while in uniform, the service announced Monday.

The modifications, which also permit twists have come into place more than a year after the Marines began reviewing their uniform policy to address allegations of racially insensitive hairstyle regulations across all branches of the military.

Commandant Gen. Robert B. Neller approved the new female hairstyle recommendations that were made by a Marine Corps uniform board, the Marines said in a statement.

Marine Corps officials say the changes give female Marines more ways to wear their hair while still maintaining a professional and neat appearance. Locks and twists, in particular, may be easier for some female Marines to maintain while deployed and are less costly and time-consuming to maintain than other approved styles, officials said.

The Marines have officially defined a “lock” as a section of hair that twists from or near the root to the ends of the hair, creating “a uniform ringlet” or cord like appearance. A twist consists of two sections of hair twisted together to form a rope or cord like appearance and may be worn with medium length/long hair.

The updated policy includes how locks, twists and braids must be worn in great detail, down to their size and spacing. Locks require partings to be square or rectangular in shape. Locks, multiple braids and multiple twists must encompass the whole head, with the exception of bangs. Mixing of styles is prohibited. Faddish and exaggerated styles, such as designs cut in the hair or spikes, and conspicuous hair accessories are still not allowed.

A website with illustrations showing authorized and unauthorized male and female hairstyles is expected to be completed within the next month, the Marines said. In the meantime, the service has posted an instructional videos and are only allowed to wear one style at a time. Please see instructional video 

The changes to the Marines’ uniform policy were driven by a Pentagon-wide review of servicemembers’ permitted hairstyles, directed by former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in 2014. The review followed a backlash from some soldiers and members of Congress who said that the new grooming rules released in April 2014 were racist and unfairly targeted black women.

All of the services at the time banned dreadlocks and two-strand twists — hairstyles worn more commonly by black women.

After the review, the Army, Navy and Air Force made immediate changes, relaxing their rules to allow female servicemembers to wear two-strand twists. The Army increased the size of authorized cornrows, the Navy permitted larger buns and the Air Force allowed French twists and Dutch braids. The Army and Air Force also removed the words “matted” and “unkempt” from their grooming policies but still maintained the ban on locks. The Air Force changed the term dreadlocks to “locs.” The service’s current female grooming and personal appearance standards say locs, a shaved head, flat-tops and military high-and-tight cuts are not authorized hairstyles. The Navy does not allow locks, either, calling them fused or coiled strands of hair that cannot easily be combed out.

The Marine Corps undertook a longer review and sought feedback on hairstyles from female and male Marines through a survey released by the uniform board. During the review, Staff Sgt. Cherle Wright proposed the addition of locks and twists, according to the Marines.

Wright, a supply chief with II Marine Expeditionary Force, submitted a recommendation letter with the proposed changes to her command. “While briefing Marines, my focus was about awareness and professionalism,” she said in the Marine Corps statement. “Once the information and facts were presented, the perceptions of many Marines changed.”

John Boyega silences critics and shows off his roots

John Boyega has overcome many hurdles to become the first black man to play a storm trooper in Star wars. The British actor says that he has no real issue with the prejudiced comments, and is fine with critics threatening to boycott the film, especially since the boycott has n his words “failed miserably”

In a recent interview with the New York Times John Boyega so eloquently stated

“I’m grounded in who I am, and I am a confident black man. A confident, Nigerian, black, chocolate man,” he said. “I’m proud of my heritage, and no man can take that away from me. I wasn’t raised to fear people with a difference of opinion. They are merely victims of a disease in their mind. To get into a serious dialogue with people who judge a person based on the melanin in their skin? They’re stupid, and I’m not going to lose sleep over people.”

The 23 year old actor from Peckham  also provided a pretty stellar response when asked if he felt the need to respond to critics.

I just don’t get it. You guys got every single alien in this movie imaginable to man. With tentacles, five eyes. Aliens that, if they existed, we’d definitely have an issue,” he said. “We’d have to get them to the government and be, like, ‘What are you?’ Yet what you want to do is fixate on another human being’s color. You need to go back to school and unlearn what you have learned.”

Boyega staying grounded took Harrison Ford to his favourite childhood restaurant – an African diner called 805 beneath a block of flats in Peckham to celebrate! There is something so very special about this guy.