Beyoncé  – Formation Super Bowl performance 2016 

Ok so this weekend should be renamed Beyonce weekend and should officially become a public holiday.

Yesterday she dropped formation a powerful song and video where Queen Bey shows a new side to her. That side is one of Balck activism. She owns her blackness and expresses the beauty in it. ( Pree that post for more of my thoughts on the video)

Then comes today the super bowl Aka Beyonce ft Super Bowl 

Because after all it was a Beyoncé concert with a side of football and Coldplay. The singer performed her new song, “Formation,”  absolutely slayed her portion of the halftime show, and then announced a world tour.

Coldplay opened the show with a fun — albeit fairly safe — technicolor performance featuring rainbows, flowers, and violin-playing children. There’s nothing wrong with rainbows, flowers, and violin-playing children; it’s just that they aren’t Beyoncé.

That was followed by an “Uptown Funk” interlude from Bruno Mars, and then Beyoncé manifested herself on the turf to the beats of a thumping drum line. There was fire. There were dancers with berets. There was “Formation.” Breaths were taken, and the nation was silent. And then Beyoncé smashed it the way only Beyoncé could. 

 After the show, a commercial ran announcing a “Formation” world tour. Beyoncé effectively turned the Super Bowl into an advertisement. Tickets go on sale February 9

You can watch Beyonce performance at the super bowl back here
You can buy tickets to beyonce tour dates here

Oh and in other news this Kid almost got to touch Beyonce bum  


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