Beyoncé wants to star as Sarah Baartman in a film she’s writing can she pull it off?

Beyoncé has had an onslaught of criticism anoit her decision to pen and act out the script about South African woman Saartjie “Sarah” Baartman, who was placed on exhibits in Britain and France in the early 1800s because of her large buttocks and genitals, which were seen as abnormal by Europeans. She was put on display under the name Hottentot Venus, and after she died in 1815, her genitals and brain were presented for public viewing in Paris until 1974.

“She now wants to write a screenplay that gains her respect — and hopefully awards — from the film industry, and thinks Saartjie’s story could be her ticket,” a Hollywood insider said about Beyoncé, according to The Sun. “Winning an Academy Award would mean everything to her, and she’s a woman who is used to getting exactly what she wants.”

After starring in several other acclaimed films that garnered no awards for her, this film could be just what Beyoncé needs to become part of the elite group who have won both a Grammy and an Oscar.

I certainly think that it is a great thing that this script is being wrote if it is to bring attention to what Sarah Bartman endured however there was a lot of controversy on Twitter about Beyonce being a strong enough actress to play he role. 

Do you think Beyoncé could pull it off? 



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