Measuring Beauty in Britain

Beauty is a rather strange concept, it has been characterized as both something physical and something abstract; one of the most famous definitions of beauty is “Beauty is the eye of the beholder” and would put things like natural wonders like oasis or mountains as beautiful. However some of the things that have popped up as the name of beauty can provide complexities to that statement.

Who decides what’s beautiful?

A few problems arise when beauty can be marketed; people like celebrities have been attributed with making their living of representing people’s aspirations and individuals such as models which have been branded as symbols of beauties have their career laying on the fact they do not show any sign of mortality: no cuts, bleeding, spots, blemishes or any other type of “deformities” or worst case accidents; it can be criticized as an arbitrary definition of beauty; making beauty more of a social or status symbol.

With perceptions of beauty’s has plastic surgery industries and gymnasiums blossomed, primarily fueled by imitation of what to be seen on TV, people can sometimes gone to extreme lengths to imitate ‘Beauty’; Eating disorders to reduce the size could be attributed because images show people with very thin physiques maybe having it routes in Victorian times.

With both men and women there has been cases, where there’s excessive consumption of chemicals like steroids to grow into massive sizes; and for some men there has genital reduction as a result of consumption of particular chemicals, this could be considered the price of ‘beauty’ or trying to become beautiful.

How is beauty with different cultures and faiths?

In certain communities and culture the act of bleaching has become common practice, is this a result of seeing beauty as a specific figure or type of being a lighter being? Does this mean the darker skinned image is perceived as ‘ugly’? Some cultures even have stereotypes which view the darker skinned individuals as naturally not being a whole being, not as intelligent as humans of a lighter appearance resulting in marginalization or discrimination based on these beliefs

Some culture have become make it mandatory to place nose rings and around the neck; or religious clothing like veils or head-scarf can they be considered beautiful in Britain?

Join Lina and I as we speak  at the Act-Ive: community council debate
using the event brite link below. Whats great is that its a free event



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