My weight watchers journey

Hey guys so I think that maybe all this confidence coaching is getting to my head. I have been so comfortable and happy with myself that I have had a real no holds barred attitude to my feasting, and of course working on the go does not help, neither does the food on set or the free lunches. I have put on over 2 1/2 stone within the last 6 weeks.

I didn’t even notice until I started to feel sluggish and was struggling to get into my jeans and fighting my alarm clock in the mornings. I am not going to wait until New Years to start getting myself into check I am an advocate for starting with the now. So I started the Weight watchers program on Friday. I am not joining one of the clubs as i do not have time plus google is at had whenever I need to find out how many points are in something. I will keep you posted on how i find it and how much weight I lose.

My daily points allowance is 25 points per day plus 35 flexible points to allow for snacking without risking your weight loss. (I got this information using the points calculator via )

I am starting with the Weight watchers ready meals just to get myself into the swing of things.First thing I did was head to the supermarkets (yes more than one for variety checks) I stocked up on the refrigerated and frozen meals. My first discovery was that the frozen meals were quite a bit cheaper than the refrigerated versions. I got the frozen ones from Iceland for just £1 each they have some scrumptious deserts too. The refrigerated ones I got from Tesco they were on average £3.50 per meal. I assumed that they would taste a little better or have less points but Au contrary. The refrigerated versions were higher in points and quite ghastly in comparison to the frozen meals which were once dosed in cracked black pepper pretty tasty. So if you are wondering what the difference is between frozen and refrigerated weight watcher meals here is my comparison chart

Weight watchers frozen meals vs Weight watchers refrigerated meals


Pros – Tasty, Cheap,Lower in points range from 4- 9 pro points per meal

Cons – Take a little longer to cook in the microwave and probably a little higher in salt


Pros – Cook quicker

Cons – High price, High points range from 9 – 13 pro points per meal

Of course before I could start I had to check how many points were in my fav things including, chocolate bars, sweets and crisps just in case I needed to pig out

The small 10p bags of Haribo Starmix are 1pp                                                  Bounty bar is 8pp                                                                                                           Kit kat chunky 7pp
Kit kat 2 finger 3pp
Maltesers 37g 5pp
Crunchie snack size 28g 3pp
Creme egg 5pp (thought these were 6 but it says 5 in the shop book?)
Time out 2 finger 35g 5pp snack size 20g 3pp
Twirl 2 finger 43g 6pp
Celebrations 1pp each
Mars bars :- miniature 8g 1pp, funsize 20g 2pp, snack size 42g 5pp, Standard 62g 8pp, large 91g 11pp
Milky way funsize 17g 2pp, standard 22g 3pp
Magic stars 31g bag 5pp
Wispa bar 6pp
Cadbury chocolate buttons – 3pp
Milky bar chocolate buttons – 4pp
Wispa – 6pp
Galaxy – 8pp
Kit Kat – 3pp
Small milky bar – 2pp
Brunch bar – 4pp                                                                                                             Baby Ruth bar fun size, 1 bar = 2 PP                                                                          Fun sized snickers bar 2pp
Freddo frog bar is 3pp
Pom Bear crisps 3pp
Small box of smarties 1pp
Standard pack of Skips 2pp
Standard pack of quavers 2pp
Walkers French fries 2pp
Cherry Activia pot 1pp
Walkers Sunbites 3pp



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