Teen vision board party

GLAMBITIONAs a result of a lot of interest from teens in our Vision Board event. We decided to do a Teen edition via our young women’s initiative One Young Queen.

This party is all about getting girls ages 12-18 excited about their future. We will focus on goal setting for every area of their life: healthy relationships, educational achievements, career aspirations, self-image, positive attitude and some powerful words and or phrases to motivate you through it all.

This party is more than just putting pictures on posters. This is about making your dreams visible because “If you can see it, you can do it!”

Come out and make your vision a reality by putting it on a vision board! We will have everything you need in order to create your vision board.

Charmaine and Lina will be partnering with Amor magazine to discuss the importance of setting goals, Confidence with a few special celebrity guests

Refreshments and materials provided

Are you ready to become a GOAL GETTER!? Or do you know a teen that could benefit from this session?

For tickets please click the link below


See you there!

One young queen Mentoring Program is a non-profit organization that promotes positive one on one mentoring and enrichment for high school to college girls. Our mission is to help the next generation of leaders discover their purpose in life, reinvent their self-esteem and develop life, social, leadership, entrepreneurial, college and job skills.