Vision board party


Are you ready to see your dreams?

Where did the months go? Did you do everything you wanted to do this year? do you want to have a strong end to 2015?

BUT, you are stuck…or maybe things just haven’t worked as you hoped…

Maybe you are feeling that overwhelmed or disappointed and that this year has come to an end too quickly. Maybe you planned to do so many things but didn’t get to do half of them.

Too often I meet people who are not happy with how the year has panned out and life, with a wish to change it. Vision boarding can show you how you set yourself up for 2016.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is more than just a collage of pictures, quotes, affirmations and words. It is a power tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal. Vision board is a board on which you display images that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life.

Vision Boards Help Provide Clarity

For example, to say “I want a better life” is a fine goal, but have you given serious thought to exactly what that means? Try to envision what your “better life” looks like. For those of us who find that somewhat difficult, making a vision board can be a tremendous help.

In order to create your vision board, You must actively seek images that represent specific details of this wonderful new life. That means narrowing it down to specifics.

For some, a better life might mean having a new car or home.

Others may be seeking a new relationship or improvements in existing relationships.

I am sure that you have heard it said that most of us never get what we want because we don’t know what we want. Making a vision board is a wonderful way to bring clarity to that general desire and turn it into an achievable goal.

  • Plan it – Clarity is power. What do I want to create in 2016, short term and long term vision. Learn about the different options of how to create an effective and Inspiring Vision board that works for you.
  • Create it – Guided fun and small group workshop, covering the areas to create the life you want
  • Present it – Power Networking, Present your Vision Board to the group and start manifesting the right people and opportunities who can support you to achieve your dreams.

Of course making a vision board sounds like a good idea. But it sounds like something I can do without attending a workshop. Am I right?  You are indeed man people create vision boards aloe however many more of us put off doing it because we are too busy with life.

Don’t put it off any longer. To make sure your vision board gets made, you need to attend a vision board party and we have teamed up with the ultimate women’s mag Amor magazine to make this an event not to be missed!

We provide all tools so all you have to do is

Book your ticket, come along and Join the party!

You will experience

✓ Connect with like minded people

✓ Take your next big step UP

✓ Learn about how to be confident about success

✓ Have fun

✓ Commit 100% to your future growth

✓ Free Coaching taster session

✓ Step UP

I look forward to meeting you all

The value of the Vision board party is priceless but you can get a ticket from £15, hurry, this is just for early birds. Normal price is £20



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