Speech inspired presents ….a night with Lina and Charmaine


Network in the City presents a night with Lina and Charmaine celebrating the success of 2 inspirational women with over 10 years of experience within the entertainment industry.

Founders of the award winning agency Face4Music, Confidence Coach UK and Celeb for a night, join Lina and Charmaine for an evening of networking and entertainment for your pleasure and surprise give aways.

Evening entertainment courtesy of:

HOST – Nissy Tee @NissyTee

DJ – Col-J (Deja Vu FM)

Singers – Candice Chenade @CandiceChenade, Nyakz @Nyakzz , JJ Soulx @JJSoulxMusic

Spoken word artists – Samuel King @IAmSamuelKing , Sade @Ms_SadeRealist , Jae Poet @JAEPOETmusic

Comedian – Travis Jay @travisjayent

This event is being presented to you by ‘Network in the City’, which is a subsidiary of www.speechinspired.co.uk an educational charity based in the UK. A percentage of the profits raised from this event, will be donated to a local charity.

For tickets and more info

click the eventbrite link below



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